Competitive Trail & Endurance

78th Annual 100-Mile Ride

We offer a full schedule of competitive trail rides/drives sanctioned by the Eastern Competitive Trail Riding Association and Endurance competitions sanctioned by the American Endurance Ride Conference. The two sports are similar and many competitors participate in both.

Competitive trail is a paced event over 15 or more miles where the horse is scored on condition.

Endurance is a long-distance race over 25 or more miles where the horse and rider that finishes first wins. Most endurance competitors, like human marathoners, do not compete to win but simply to finish according to personal goals.

Both sports have strict veterinary oversight to ensure that the horse is competing safely and are judged by certified officials. Any sound, well-conditioned horse may participate in either sport. We offer introductory 15-mile rides in both categories that provide a great introduction.

Interested in learning more about Competitive Trail Riding? Why not volunteer to help at a ride?

Competitive Trail & Endurance Omnibus

The Omnibus has everything you need to know about GMHA's Trail Events! Download your copy for all the info on our Competitive Trail and Endurance Rides. Most of your questions will be answered here. If you would like a paper copy mailed to you, contact us

There is one multi-purpose entry form for all of our competitive distance events. Download the Competitive Trail/ Endurance Entry Form and fill out one for each event that you are entering.

Electronic Fillable Entry - New Enables you to submit your entry with no printing! 

For Pleasure Rides, go to the Pleasure Rides pages.

Visit the Distance Days Facebook Page for information and updates about Distance Days!

Trail Clinic
(April 24-26, 2015)

Trail Horsemanship Clinic with Heidi Potter

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GMHA Heidi Potter ClinicPut the pleasure back in your trail rides!

Build confidence, comfort & communication skills through ground exercises, obstacle practice & application under saddle. Find or renew your sense of balance, relaxation & connection with your horse through Centered Riding techniques with Heidi Potter

Clinic includes mounted and unmounted work in the arena and on trail.

Horse not ready? 

Come to the Friday evening workshop and/or audit the clinic!

The clinic is currently full but if you are interested please contact us for a spot on the waiting list. Auditors welcome!

Clinic Flyer

Clinic Entry Form

15-Mile Mud Ride & Drive and 5-10-15-Mile Pleasure Ride
(May 2-3, 2015)

New format for 2015. Check out the details below!

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2014 Mud Ride

New: There will be one ECTRA sanctioned 15-mile conditioning ride and drive on Saturday. On Sunday, there will be an option for a 5,10, or 15-mile pleasure ride or drive. 

Saturday: 15-Mile Conditioning Distance Ride & Drive: This is an ECTRA-sanctioned Conditioning Distance Ride/Drive. 

Sunday: 5-10-15-Mile Pleasure Ride/Drive: Pick your distance! 

Competitive Trail/Endurance Entry Form

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25-Mile Ride & Drive & Conditioning Distance Ride
(June 13, 2015)

Pick your distance: 25-miles or 15-miles. Both rides are ECTRA sanctioned.

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25/15 Competitive RideECTRA Sanctioned ride.

Choose to ride or drive in the 25-Mile CTR or ride in the 15-Mile CDR. 

25-Milers will depart beginning at 6:30am and 15-Milers will depart beginning at 8:30am.

Competitive Trail/Endurance Entry Form

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50/25-Mile Endurance Ride
(June 14, 2015)

New for 2015! Following the June 25-Mile.

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GMHA Spring 50/25 Endurance RideDue to popular demand, we are adding this new Endurance ride to our schedule. It is the same weekend as the June 25/15 CTR which gives you options to compete multiple days or with multiple horses in one weekend.

The 50/25 Endurance is co-sanctioned by ECTRA & AERC. The trail course will loop back to GMHA for easy crewing. The 15-Mile Introductory Ride is ideal for endurance novices. This fun ride will allow you to go through all the steps of a full-fledged endurance competition in a non-intimidating 15-mile package. We will provide an experienced mentor to help you along.


Competitive Trail/Endurance Entry Form

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25-/25-/50-Mile Ride and Drive
(August 1-2, 2015)

Pick your distance! All distances are ECTRA sanctioned.

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2014 50-Mile DriveOptions galore! Your choice of:

Saturday: 25-Mile Ride or Drive

Sunday: 25-Mile Ride or Drive

50-Mile Ride or Drive: Ride 25 miles on both Saturday & Sunday

Join us for a great weekend of trail riding at GMHA! 

Note: There is no longer a CDR offered with this ride.


Competitve Trail/Endurance Entry Form

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Hunter Pace
(August 29, 2015)

A beautiful course staring and finishing at GMHA, with a good variety of optional and inviting jumps make this a not-to-be-missed event!

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GMHA Hunter PaceGet together a team of 2 or 3 and join us for this fun event! There will be a combined championship with the North Country Hounds which will be awarded on their Hunter Pace September 20.

The course starts and finishes at GMHA. It is approximately 8 miles and will include a great variety of inviting and optional jumps, not to exceed 3’3” in height. There will be Hunting and Hacking divisions with ribbons awarded to 1st-8th place teams in each division.

Download the Hunter Pace Flyer for more details and the Entry Form to enter. 

Distance Days: Featuring the 79th Annual 100-Mile Competitive Trail Ride
(September 4-6, 2015)

GMHA's Distance Days including the 79th Annual 100-Mile Competitive Trail Ride. Distances range from 15-Miles to 100-Miles! Pick any distance you want. Pleasure rides are offered every day.

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GMHA 100 Mile100-Mile Ride: September 4-6 
40 miles Friday, 35 miles Saturday, & 25 miles Sunday

60-Mile Ride: September 5-6
35 miles Saturday & 25 miles Sunday

35-Mile Ride: September 5
Saturday only

25-Mile Ride: September 6
Sunday only

15-Mile Ride: September 5
Saturday only

Pleasure Rides: September 4-6
Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 

Join the history, tradition, and fun! You will ride a portion of the 100-mile trail each day, at your leisure, enjoying catered meals when you return. Join in the fun of the 100-mile Banquet and Welcome Barbeque, and cheer on the competitive riders. Opportunities abound to mix and match your pleasure riding with a shorter-distance competitive ride and/or volunteering.

Competitive Trail/Endurance Entry Form and Pleasure Rides Entry Form

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Join the Distance Days Facebook page for conversation and event updates!

50-Mile & 30-Mile Endurance Ride
(October 17, 2015)

AERC & ECTRA-sanctioned. Choose your distance!

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GMHA Fall 50/30 EnduranceThe 50-Mile & 30-Mile Limited Distance Endurance Ride will cap off the GMHA season, taking place on October 17, 2015. The trail course design will continue with the format of varying loops, all returning to camp each time for the mandatory hold and vet check. This ride draws both Competitive Trail riders and Endurance riders, as many folks enjoy competing in both types of distance riding.

GMHA’s trails offer terrific views of Vermont’s best scenery at the height of foliage season- a sight that is not to be missed!

Competitive Trail/ Edurance Entry Form

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