Trail Preservation

GMHA’s Trail Preservation Program

Working directly with landowners, local realtors and land trusts, GMHA preserves equestrian trails forever through the innovative use of permanent trail easements.  Easements run with the land, owner-to-owner.

As more landowners donate trail easements to GMHA, those contemplating a donation are often motivated to act, creating a gradual natural pattern of connection.  Sharing land in this traditional way connects people as well as land with a basic understanding of neighborly respect and gratitude.

When making connections within GMHA’s vast equestrian trail network, we strive to integrate trails on private land with public land and roadways.  This includes conserved private land with provisions for recreational use held by local land trusts such as the New England Forestry Foundation, the Vermont Land Trust, and the Upper Valley Land Trust.  It also includes Town forests and land owned by the State of Vermont.

Easements can be customized to each landowner’s specific needs—including privacy—and assures that trails will be well-maintained.

“Trail systems are incredibly fragile. One landowner or one change of ownership can break a whole chain, unless there is a legal right-of-way.”
– Darby Bradley, Vermont Land Trust


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