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Positive Reinforcement Lecture

Start Date:May 26, 2019

End Date: May 26, 2019

Location:5491 South Road, VT, United States

Event Open:April 22, 2019

Event Close:May 26, 2019

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What is Positive Reinforcement and Why Should I Care?

What is positive reinforcement and how can you use it to improve your teaching and training? In this workshop Jane Jackson of Bookends Farm will dispense with the myths and focus on what behavioral science tells us about the best way to train to get the performance you want. Jane will explain how to include positive reinforcement in your plans including how to use a marker to pinpoint correct responses from your learners, whether human or equine (or canine or more).

This applies to any learning situation including performance under saddle, behavior on the trail, and cooperation in the barn for handlers, vets, farriers, dentists and more. Regardless of your niche in the horse world, being able to utilize positive reinforcement is something you should be taking advantage of!

1/2 Day lecture and discussion. 1-5pm. GMHA Member’s Room