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Positive Reinforcement Training Clinic with Jane Jackson

Start Date:October 13, 2019

End Date: October 13, 2019

Location:5491 South Road, VT, United States

Event Open:September 3, 2019

Event Close:October 1, 2019

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Make a Positive Difference with Your Horse

On Sunday, October 13, 9am to 4pm, we will offer our second clinic this season with Jane Jackson. Bring your horse for $35 or just bring your lunch and have a great day of learning as an auditor for $10!

Jane Jackson of Bookends Farm in Glover, VT,  is certified by the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior as a KPA CTP.  She is also a certified Level 3 TAG teacher.  These certifications  have involved extensive education, practice and testing toward understanding how both animals and people learn best so that she can be an effective trainer to both. Jane was born into a family with horses and so had her own pony from the start.  Many of her happiest memories are times spent with ponies and horses: grooming them, caring for them and just spending time in the barn with them.  She wants to share that enjoyment with others, by helping people learn how to happily and safely be around horses. Fortunate to take lessons from prominent coaches with different styles of training methods, Jane was drawn to eventing.  She believes it all comes back to the relationship with the horse, regardless of the style of riding.  She believes the basics skills of horsemanship, equitation and communication are the same for all of us. She has taught people of all ages as well as those who ride western and those who aren’t interested in competing. Combined with many years of working with students, horses and dogs, Jane offers a unique opportunity for clients to make long lasting changes in their handling, riding and training.  She aims to help the client be more able and comfortable in their own problem solving while pursuing their goals, whether those goals are for a simple home-based handling or more adventurous pursuits of competition.

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