Raise the Roof: Upwey Barn Restoration

History of Upwey Barn

The Upwey Barn was built in 1937 by Owen Moon, Jr., the country’s then leading breeder of Morgan and Suffolk Punch horses. The barn served as the horse stables with the indoor riding ring, called the Annex, being added in 1939.

Mr. Moon was an early benefactor of GMHA both financially and by allowing GMHA the use of the grounds and stables at Upwey for GMHA Horse Shows, 100 and 50 mile ride finishes and an annual luncheon for all at the end of the 100-mile ride.

After Mr. Moon’s passing in 1947, the succeeding owners of Upwey, Mr. Ward Canaday and Mr. Tony Farrell, continued to allow GMHA to use Upwey until it was sold to the Woodstock Country School in 1955.

The Woodstock Country School was an independent boarding school preparing boys and girls for college. The school closed in 1980.

GMHA was able to purchase the Upwey Barn in 1995.

Restoration of Upwey Barn

At the conclusion of the Capital Campaign in 2009, the restoration of Upwey began:

  • The front door of the Annex was returned to its original state.
  • The original emblem was removed, preserved and rehung inside. A replica was placed on the barn.
  • The stalls were refurbished and rubber mats were installed.
  • The gable end facing GMHA’s office was returned to its original state.
  • The Roger Maher Visitors Center was established and opened in 2010.
  • Upwey earned recognition on Vermont’s State Register of Historic Places in 2009.

Upwey Roof Project

The Upwey roof, which was thought to need only paint, was found to be rusted through and leaking.
Due to the size, scope, and cost of the project (approximately $200,000) the roof replacement was divided into three phases:

  • Phase I, facing Route 106, was completed in 2014. Due to the urgent nature of Phase I, GMHA secured a loan to complete the work.
  • Phase II, the back of the barn, was completed in 2015 thanks to many generous donors and a $15,000 State of Vermont Barn Preservation Grant.
  • Phase III is the side facing Morgan Hill Road.

Upwey’s Importance to GMHA

Upwey is integrally important to the operating success of GMHA. With its 37 stalls, this vintage barn drives nearly 20% of all annual boarding revenues earned by GMHA during each riding and competition season. In the winter, the Annex is used to store jumps and other equipment.

During the winter of 2014-2015, GMHA donated the use of Upwey to house 23 severely neglected Arabian horses that were rescued in November 2014 from a farm in Woodstock by the Woodstock Police Department and Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society.

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