TREC Free Unmounted Workshops Online Entry
TREC Free Unmounted Workshops Online Entry
Register for one or both. Bring your own lunch and drinks. Dress for field work.
  • All ages are welcome. If you are under 18, please have a parent read and date the Individual Agreement & Waiver of Liability Warning below.

    Under Vermont Law, an equine activity sponsor is not liable for an injury to, or the death of, a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities that are obvious and necessary, pursuant to 12 V.S.A. section 1039. I understand that the sport of horseback riding and driving is inherently dangerous and that serious injury and death can occur. I understand that partici-pation in equine activities involves necessary risks. I agree that if any harm occurs to my horse or myself or to any equipment that I may use or send to use, I will make no claim against the Green Mountain Horse Association, Inc. or any of the Officers, Directors, Trustees, Employees and Volunteers. I further agree to hold the Green Mountain Horse Association, Inc., the Officers, Directors, Trustees, Employees, Volunteers and Landowners free and harmless from any liability, claims, suits or damages of whatsoever kind or nature that may be occasioned by the horses used by me or the negligence of the persons in charge of such horses and I agree to indemnify and hold harmless this organization and individuals against all liability claims, suits, and expenses including attorney fees incurred arising out of any injury to any person or damage to any property caused by me, my horses or attendants. I AGREE that if I am injured while participating in this event, the Woodstock Emergency Services personnel treating my injuries may provide a description of the accident, a description of the suspected injury, a description of the treatment administered and information about transport to a hospital to GMHA personnel for the purpose of com-pleting the official GMHA Accident/Injury report. This authorization will expire once the information is given to GMHA personnel or at the end of the event, whichever is later. I agree that as a condition of acceptance of entry, GMHA may use photographs, videos, and or other likenesses of the participant and horse taken while at GMHA for the promotion, coverage, or benefit of this event and/or GMHA.