Pleasure Trail Rides
  • 28 Apr

    Mud Ride & Drive Weekend

    April 28, 2018 To April 29, 2018

    This year the Mud Ride is two full days! Join us for a fun trail ride/drive over a marked course of dirt roads sanctioned by ECTRA.


  • 25 May

    Memorial Day Pleasure Ride

    May 25, 2018 To May 27, 2018

    Join us for the traditional opening weekend of our off-road trails! The pleasure ride will begin Friday with a Trailer Ride adventure: off site at a nearby location to be announced. Saturday and Sunday depart from and return to the GMHA grounds. Each day will feature a different marked trail with short and long mileage options.


  • 9 Jun

    Spring CTR, Endurance, & Pleasure Rides 2018

    June 09, 2018 To June 10, 2018

    Competitive Trail Ride, Saturday, June 9 25-Mile & 15-Mile CDR are both ECTRA sanctioned. A fun trail ride over a marked course of dirt roads and trails. If you are new to competitive trail riding, this is a great place to start! New for 2018! Pre-ride briefing for the 25-Mile CTR will be Friday, June 8, [...]Read more...

  • 7 Jul

    Twilight Pleasure Ride

    July 07, 2018 To July 07, 2018

    The day is long and the moon is full. Come to GMHA for a cool evening ride. Finish by dark and enjoy a potluck dinner. BYOB.


  • 4 Aug

    August 25/25/50 Competitive Trail Ride/Drive & Pleasure Rides

    August 04, 2018 To August 05, 2018

    A fun trail ride/drive over a marked course of dirt roads and trails sanctioned by ECTRA. Choose a single day 25-Mile or a 2-Day 50-Mile. You may also choose to do 25-miles each day with 2 different horses. The choice is yours! New for 2018! Pre-ride briefing for the 25-Mile CTR will be the night before [...]Read more...

  • 18 Aug

    Hunter Pace

    August 18, 2018 To August 18, 2018

    Come and enjoy a beautiful pace in the perfect hunt country surrounding GMHA. A Hunter Pace has its origins in foxhunting – it is a conditioning ride for hunters with a hidden optimum time.


  • 31 Aug

    Distance Days & Annual 82nd 100-Mile CTR

    August 31, 2018 To September 02, 2018

    The oldest continuously running competitive trail ride in the U.S. The GMHA 3-Day 100 is the Grandaddy of them all! Distance Days is New England's biggest and most diverse celebration of trail riding. It combines ECTRA competitive trail with pleasure riding, all wrapped around a weekend full of fun social events and tradition. For competitive [...]Read more...

  • 27 Sep

    Fall Foliage Pleasure Ride

    September 27, 2018 To October 01, 2018

    This year’s Fall Foliage Rides will feature up to 5 full days of pleasure riding! We invite riders of all disciplines, ages, and abilities to join us for these opportunities to enjoy GMHA’s legendary trails at your own pace with your favorite friends, both human and equine.


  • 8 Oct

    Ride for the Cure

    October 08, 2018 To October 08, 2018

    This pleasure ride is for a great cause! Entry fees are donated to the Susan G. Komen foundations that support breast cancer research and awareness.


  • 13 Oct

    Fall Endurance Ride & No Frills Pleasure Ride

    October 13, 2018 To October 13, 2018

    The 50-Mile Endurance & 30-Mile Limited Distance Endurance Ride will cap off the GMHA season.  This ride draws both Competitive Trail riders and Endurance riders, as many folks enjoy competing in both types of distance riding. It is dual-sanctioned by AERC and ECTRA.