It All Began with 1,000 Miles of Trails

In its early days, GMHA single-handedly mapped and marked over 1,000 miles of trails through Vermont. As the progress of the 20th century caught up with Vermont, many of the trails became dirt or paved roads, but GMHA remains committed to preserving and expanding the trails in the towns around South Woodstock. The result is the largest and most diverse trail network in New England – a jewel of a trail system set in quintessential Vermont countryside. It is our mission to nurture, preserve and maintain this resource.

Read a full story about our trails on or the Woodstock Magazine.

“Riding country is our priority – dirt roads and trails – and the GMHA members who come to South Woodstock to enjoy them.”
Roger Maher, longtime GMHA Officer and Supporter, in 1958.

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